At The Sahara--DIGITAL Album

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At The Sahara--FINAL.jpg

At The Sahara--DIGITAL Album


I’m really excited to get to share these tracks with you all!

2015 was the start of the Jonathan Doyle Swingtet and our Mondays at the Sahara Lounge in Austin TX. Much thanks to Eileen for giving us a shot, to Sala and Eddie for the good vibes and Sala for spinning great music, and the Datri Bean Band for opening! Thanks to all of the dancers and musicians and listeners who came by and supported and hung out. All of these tracks were recorded at the Sahara Lounge by David Jellema on his zoom recorder and then mastered by Alex Hall at Reliable. The tracks are from 5 live performances spread out over the course of our 14 month residency. Thanks so much to my friends and bandmates: Mark Gonzales, Brooks Prumo, Joshua Hoag, Jason Baczynski, JD Pendley, and a special thanks to David Jellema on cornet for allowing these moments to be shared. I’ve moved twice since these recordings were made. Mondays at the Sahara continue with the Sahara Swingtet and the Charlie Christians. And every Monday I wish I could catch a quick flight to Austin! I hope you enjoy listening and dancing to these as much as we enjoyed playing.

All the best, 


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"Blue Monday" cover art by Amado M. Peña III

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Album Art by Amado M. Peña III

Recorded by David Jellema on his trusty Zoom

Mastered by Alex Hall at Reliable Recorders

Layout by Lyon Graulty & Corinne Adams

The Mondays At The Sahara version of the Jonathan Doyle Swingtet: David Jellema on Cornet, Jonathan Doyle on Tenor Saxophone, Mark Gonzales on Trombone, J.D. Pendley on Amplified Guitar on d & e Mondays, Brooks Prumo on Rhythm Guitar, Joshua Hoag on Bass, Jason Baczynski on Drum Set.

a) 2015.06.01 :: tracks 6, 11, 15

b) 2015.06.07 :: tracks 1, 7, 8, 17 recorded Monday daytime in tandem with a video shoot.

c) 2015.10.05 :: tracks 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18

d) 2015.12.14 :: tracks 5, 12

e) 2016.01.25 :: track 19